Regency Oboe Reed

Warm mellow broad tone and good response suitable for players of all standards up to professional level
Regency Oboe Reed
The Regency oboe reed is our most popular reed - a fact which is not surprising when one considers that it is medium in all characteristics. It is an oboe reed which therefore suits a wide range of players from the early stages up to highly accomplished musicians.

The medium gouge and a standard U-scrape produces an oboe reed with a good balanced scrape combining warmth and responsiveness. The shape is medium width with a medium-large internal volume creating warmth with good sonority.

Overall these features combine to offer a very popular medium-weight oboe reed with a warm and medium-to-broad tone.

Test-and-Return Guarantee
All our reeds can be returned, after testing, within 1 month for exchange or refund (please note we cannot accept reeds which have been extensively used).

Recanes - what are they?
Recanes are made by using your old reeds - we strip back the cane and binding to leave just the staple (cork and metal base) and we bind on a new piece of cane. They play like new reeds and last just as long.
How to order: On this page, in the "Type" box above, select "Recane", then in the "Strength" box above select the strength you want, and click "Add to Cart".
NOTE: when you order Recanes you will need to post the correct number of old reeds to us. Please make sure the corks are not broken or marked in ink. First place your order through this website, and then pack up your old reeds with a note mentioning your order number and name, and post them to: Regency Reeds, P.O.Box 1192, St.Albans AL1 9AH
Response Medium
Scrape Standard U-scrape
Tone Warm, Mellow
Shape Medium M3
Gouge Medium