Berlin Oboe Reed

Mellow dark very broad tone with plenty of heart and good firm response
Berlin Oboe Reed

The Berlin oboe reed is a heavy-weight reed recommended for experienced players. The thick gouge combines with a standard U-scrape to give an oboe reed with plenty or heart and substance for the accomplished embouchure to work with.  In addition the shape is wide with a large internal volume creating a broad tonal colour.

Some players find the wide shape can cause wallowing of 2nd octave F#, G or G#, or the pitch to be too low overall. If you need the pitch raised you can order these oboe reeds to be made on shorter 46mm staples by writing this in the Special Instructions section during checkout.

Overall these features combine to offer a substantial oboe reed with a rich dark very broad tone.

Test-and-Return Guarantee
All our reeds can be returned, after testing, within 1 month for exchange or refund (please note we cannot accept reeds which have been extensively used).

Response Firm
Scrape Standard U-scrape
Tone Mellow, Dark
Shape Wide W4
Gouge Thick