Welcome to Regency Reeds, a centre of excellence for oboe reeds. With over 25 years of reed making experience our carefully designed range offers reeds to suit all players from beginner to professional, all backed up by our Test-and-Return Guarantee

Our Most Popular Reeds

  • Oxford Oboe Reed

    Oxford Oboe Reed

    Free-blowing easy to play reed suitable for beginners and early-stage players who wish to keep costs to a minimum
  • Paris Oboe Reed

    Paris Oboe Reed

    Free-blowing responsive reed with a pleasant clear tone used by early-stage players up to advanced free-blowers
  • Regency Oboe Reed

    Regency Oboe Reed

    Warm mellow broad tone and good response suitable for players of all standards up to professional level
  • Reinhart Oboe Reed

    Reinhart Oboe Reed

    Rich dark broad tone with plenty of heart and good firm response used by advanced players who like a substantial reed