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Arlon Oboe Reed


Scrape: European W
Shape: Narrow (ND)
Gouge: Medium

The Arlon oboe reed is based on the European W-scrape (which itself is a modified and less extreme version of the American W-scrape). It has a slightly longer scrape than a standard U-scrape oboe reed and a more pronounced spine with thinner "windows" either side of the spine, and a longer tip than the U-scrape. This gives a more free-blowing reed than a U-scrape, but some players find it too free, with a greater tendency to wilder tuning or "wallowing" (where pitch may drop when playing louder).

The shape is our narrow ND shape - a carefully designed curve giving enhanced pitch stability yet with plenty of breadth in the upper blades to provide the feel of a wider oboe reed.

Overall these features combine to create a responsive oboe reed with a fairly focussed tone and medium-brilliance.

Arlon Oboe Reed




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